Teaching and Responding to Shakespeare, with Giomara Bazaldua and Josh Inocéncio

This workshop will focus on re-imaginings of Shakespeare’s plays through the lenses of identity, embodiment, and critical pedagogy. Playwright Josh Inocéncio and director Giomara “Gio” Bazaldua and members of the panza fusion belly dance troupe Zombie Bazaar will collaborate to empower participants to create socially relevant interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays, namely Hamlet, through dance, movement, gesture, breath, and props. Inocéncio and Zombie Bazaar will zero in on the young female character of Ophelia in the play, whom many critics have argued is marginalized by forces of patriarchy and heteronormativity. The facilitators will co-create and model their own critical reinterpretation of the character, and they will provide participants the tools and space to do so as well, thus fostering a dialogue about how plays such as Hamlet can be re-imagined and re-purposed to speak to our current socio-cultural climate.

Giomara Bazaldua is the co-founder and director of Zombie Bazaar Panza Fusion.

Josh Inocéncio is a playwright and performer who focuses on queer and indigenous reclamations within Latina/o and Euro-American cultures.