‘Hear All, All See’: Aural and Visual Dramaturgies of Latinx Romeo and Juliet(a)

Carla Della Gatta, University of Southern California

For over forty years, theatre practitioners across the United States have incorporated Latinx culture into productions and adaptations of Shakespearean plays. The breadth of approaches to staging Latinidad produce varying results, from cultural appropriation to concept settings, to savvy adaptations that incorporate cultural, linguistic, and thematic elements. This paper explores the methods and outcomes for creating ethnic division between Romeo and Juliet and also attends to more recent productions Screenshot 2018-02-02 09.27.45with all-Latinx characters and settings that signal a shift in how Latinidad is represented on the Shakespearean stage. Looking beyond specific productions to the genealogy of Latinx Shakespeares, the paper investigates the prevalence of staging this play through Latinx cultures.

Carla Della Gatta is Assistant Professor of Critical Studies – Theatre at the University of Southern California.